World decoration, Sophie cleanup.

I spent most of Saturday doing some art cleanup for Sophie, she’s a bit in better shape, more vibrant (glows) and now changes north/south directions when moving giving her a bit less stiff feeling. She also leaves ‘spirit puffs’ around during travel. 

As far as the world decorations go, I have added a few new tree styles, some new rocks, and grass. These trees and rocks will the first ground collectible that the player will use as a base for crafting. More details about the crafting system in another blog post. For now, filling in the world and getting the art situated was weekend priority. There is also are also new parallax ‘god ray’ fx’s.

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Starting Monday I will be working on new UI concepts as well as rewriting/working on code to establish the proper scale/sizes for everything – including the new houses which won’t make Sophie look like a giant!

If you have any feedback or questions feel free to hit me up on Twitter!