Screenshot Saturday 01

Hat/Costume Shop!
First #ScreenshotSaturday post, one of many to come!

This current version will be revised soon with a fresh UI overhaul to support the 45 unique costume pieces I have been working on but also the core internal mechanics are re-written for the new JSON database structure. This new system also allows me to append buffs/stat changes to the hats as well as use them for quest items and to access special areas! Not only fresh but functional!

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The next step in this journey is to actually allow the player to go inside houses/shops/etc. Still working out the mechanics of said details I would love to make it a seamless transition that ‘zooms down’ in through the roof. There are a lot of tasks to consider when achieving this so one step at a time but I plan on having something fast and exciting for the transition. If I can avoid loading screens, I plan to. We’ll see though!

If you have suggestions for what you would love to see your character wear, send me a shout out on Twitter!